Dec 30, 2015


I’m back in Singapore, where I’ve recently started as a media planner with MEC’s Global Solutions team. Apart from planning, I also donate my spare time to Invasion Singapore as a research lead, looking at barriers and drivers to youth consumption of local music here in Singapore.

As always, my work focuses on the relationships and interactions between people and various forms of media; my interests continue to lie in developing and refining brands and digital media processes within organisations.

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Project Virtual Assistant (2014) — an ethnographic service design study with Mindshare UK in which we sought to explore and understand the opportunities and challenges of bringing the Siris, Cortanas, and Google Nows of the future to life for users, regulators and service suppliers.
Who Shoots; Who Tweets? Differences in personality and behaviour between users of Instagram, and users of Twitter (Abstract, 2014) — using the five-factor and dark triad models of personality, several significant differences were found between users of the two social networks. To the author’s knowledge, this is the first study in which Instagram users were measured using these constructs.


Apotheosis of the Cylons: Our Embodied Code (2013) — an attempt to answer the question of whether we are ever distinctly human. I touch on science fiction; relations and parallels between computer code and DNA/RNA code; as well as on theorists such as Heidegger, Deleuze, Bergson, and Derrida.
Black Boxes and Swing States: Forms of Mediation in the 2012 US Presidential Election (2013) — an analysis of the ways within which the representation of presidential elections in the media affect their outcome; as well as the ways in which quants like Nate Silver are not mere observers in the equation, and that data — especially big data — is never simply “data” as we might typically understand it.

Selected Editorial Work

Surface Asia #23 — Eley Kishimoto, Designers
NYLON Guys Singapore #2 — Kevin Lester, Rapper